GoTx – Textile Printer Series

“Easy textile production”

The GoTx® textile printer series was designed for uninterrupted mass decoration to a variety of textiles with either pigment ink, reactive or sublimation dyes. It prints direct to static and 2 way stretch fabric. Our media feeding system is a patented process that delivers minimal fabric shift and feed accuracy across the roll without the need of sticky blanket systems. Moreover, The GoTx® system is available with inline horizontal fixation equipment and an optional offline pre-treat station to complete any process requirement.

The GoTx® printers are available in widths 1.9 and 2.6 meters and are powered by dual staggered latest generation Epson DX7 print heads, with drop sizes from 4.5 to 45 pcl and typical production speed from 32 – 95sqm/h. Configurations available are either dual CMYK for higher speed production or for an increased colour gamut range with 8 colours by adding for example – red, orange, violet and green. The GoTx® is flexible in that one machine can run a multiple range of inks – Reactive, Pigment and Sublimation ink sets which have all passed internal certification testing for print head reliability and jet performance.

Application Possibilities

If your market is flag, banner, soft signage, fashion, swimwear, garment manufacture, crafting or soft furnishing, our inks, fabric feeding and advanced print heads will make production “easy” and all at a very affordable price.

We are “all about colour”

Our inks are bespoke and designed for printing any fabric in either synthetic or natural fibers. We have formulated the inks specifically for maximum colour gamuts to natural fibers like cotton, silks and wool with our P60i pigment and P50i reactive range. Our P40i sublimation ink for polyester and spandex is crisp and sharp with the addition of chromatic dyes that deliver fantastic colours – all our inks deliver deep black, brilliant green and even difficult violet colour ranges are achieved. If you really want to stand out – add our range of neon inks and offer the widest colour gamut in the Industry. Perfect for promotional and brand awareness campaigns.

Intelligent features

  • Degassed pressurised ink delivery system, ensures correct ink delivery to nozzle plates for uninterrupted printing with a massive 45.3picolitre variable drop for extreme penetration to thicker fabrics.
  • For lighter fabrics with greater need for colour and image quality our printer firmware supports a minimum drop size of just 4.5pcl.
  • Optional inline horizontal fixation module.
  • Inline anti static mounted on the infeed, for hi-speed polyester printing.
  • Remote monitor via a USB wireless interface so you can run multiple printers in production from one central control PC.
  • Configurable head and inks systems are at the core of the GoTx® printer range.
  • Renowned patented media handling system. Allows for all common fabrics including 2 way stretch knit fabric compatibility.
  • This is a massive savings on equipment and man power costs over sticky blanket machines.
  • PigmentInc® offline pre-treat device for pigment inks – delivering higher colour gamut’s and wash fastness without sacrificing the fabric feel.

Feeding and Take-Up System

Our patented feeding and take-up system delivers precise tension control to fabrics. Fabric will not be over stretched, tilted, or wrinkled in the course of transfer.

ROTO-tract© Registration System

A constant traction roller system ensures fabrics are in constant alignment with minimal media shift during print. Registration is the key advantage. Extended media width of either 1900 or 2600mm with a 300mm O/D roll >80kg. There’s less “wander” and fabrics are maintained level reducing head strikes across the entire print path.

Inline Waste Ink Collecting System

Our ink gutters can easily handle ultra-thin fabrics and strike through since any excessive ink drops passing through the fabric are uniformly collected by the waste ink gutter. A simple wipe out at end of production is the only cleaning required and ink gutters are removable for cleaning outside of the machine area.


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