The GoTx® 1900FX/2600FX Horizontal Fixation machines are powerful fixation units for sublimation and pigment inks. Designed to run inline with the GoTx® 2190/2260 printers for seamless productivity or off line for greater productivity.

Utilising quad zone heater element plates below and above the media horizontally where the fabric is not touched during cure. For consistency we do not employ IR heatlamps to avoid cool cure zones across the media. Fixation on a horizontal path provides better control and avoids smoke, steam or oil which can be dragged across the media = ghost free imaging.

Product Highlights

  • The GoTx® fixation modules are designed for uninterrupted production and media is NOT touched during transfer fixation process
  • Up to 95m2 per hour output, with variable top, bottom radial axial fans for steam removal
  • Optional air scrubber available
  • Horizontal fixation system
  • Fabric NOT touched during cure
  • Quad heater panels
  • 15 minutes to startup
  • Inline or Offline compatible

Application Possibilities

If your market is flag, banner, soft signage, fashion, swimwear, garment manufacture, crafting or soft furnishing, our inks, fabric feeding and advanced print heads will make production “easy” and all at a very affordable price.


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